anyone got the hax box swep ?

Douse anyone got the Hack Box swep please.

What is a “Hack Box”?

A SWEP from the VIP assassination gamemode made by Bajenovskii. If I remember correctly, the SWEP was broken a long time ago.

What did it do?

I think it did ent_fire commands on props, but I’m not too sure.

yes it douse. i just wounderd becuse maybe someone can fix it or Theres an older version.?

Work on your grammar. Here’s a few tips. All you should capitalize in your posts are names and places. for example capitalize Jim but not train. Capitalize Germany but not house. After periods the first letter should always be capitalized, and I’s (as in I went to the store) should always be capitalized. Never put a question mark after a period, like this: .? Question marks and exclamation points end a sentence, meaning they work like a period. You capitalize the next letter after a question mark or exclamation point.

Good luck at finding that weapon, and use my tips!