Anyone got the model From Avatar the movie?

Ive been looking for ages, but still :frowning:
Please help :slight_smile:

1 post registered today and requesting a model AND In the wrong section.I sense a ban afoot.

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You do know predicting moderation can also get you banned, right?

I’ve been keeping my eyes on the Models section since the movie came out.

So far nothing, but I have seen a few hints here and there about potentially ripping models from the game based on the movie’s universe.

The actual models used for the movie would be like fifteen million billion polygons.

I bet there’s gonna be Avatar: The Game, someone will easily be able to do a port then. If it comes out on PC that is.

Actually, animated movie characters aren’t that high, probably about 120k tris.

Rated you late, because there has been one for ages.

So is it just effects whoring that makes it look good?

Pretty much. You could take stuff from HL2, render it with ray-tracing, subsurface scattering, DoF, and all that and it would look about as good.

I’m sorry, but bullshit. Movie characters are usually not rendered with polygons anymore, they use infinitely smooth NURBS.

Although, I could be wrong. I don’t know what the fuck you’re actually saying, so you might be right.

But there is no way the w_models could look as good.

The game came out two days before the movie, dude. And yes, it is available on PC, someone on my overclocking forum already played it.

Just FYI: Aside from the setting and factions, it has very little to do with the actual movie. Think HL2DM’s relation to HL2.

it’s based on the plot of the movie: either join the na’vi or join the humans. then kill, scavenge, go on recover missions, etc. that’s the game. which is why it was given such low ratings. however, the reason we don’t have any models yet is because there’s no program currently able to rip the stuff out or something.

The Avatar game runs on the Dunia engine (Far Cry 2), and a character from Far Cry 2 has been ported before

What? When? Where? I don’t think there’s even a way to extract models from FC2.

That’s from Far Cry ONE.

silly me

So is that mean it is impossible to do it? :’(

Maybe not impossible, but near impossible :3:

Oh dear :frowning: that sucks :frowning: Caz I saw ppl made sumthing like Batman and stuff like that? I thought I can use it on sumthing more epic :stuck_out_tongue: but too bad now :’(