Anyone had any experience with "KimSufi"?

I currently have two gameservers at UKGame - a 14-slot and a 16-slot - and they crash every hour or two.
I was looking into getting a dedicated server, but I don’t exactly have a lot of money right now :engleft:

I saw this site:

I was looking at the Q-1T ( Q6600, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD ) for £35 a month.

Just wondering because of the strangely low price, has anyone ever used them before?

There are some additional obscure fee(s) at the checkout, you need to prepay 3 months and then VAT on top of that. I’ve also heard that they cap network connections to some ridiculously low speed after a certain amount of use. That would not be good for things like UDP floods (happening to your server, not doing them -_-)…

Anyhow, considering the price, I’m sure that it’s worth a try.

They recently added a set-up fee (waived for paying for a year). The datacenter is OVH so you can probably google that to see more about it. Lots of people use kimsufi for torrents etc because the servers are cheap and the network is good. I doubt he’d reach 3TB from UDP flood.

I’ve never had a dedicated server before - do I pay monthly, per year, or what?


Oh, how many gmod servers can I expect to get out of that?

Combine, you can contact me - we can work something out, if all your doing is looking for a server host for those two servers.

You need to make sure that 3 month subscription price covers the full three months and that it is not just a monthly price. Don’t forget the setup fee either. Looking at the server you picked, the total cost is: TOTAL INCL. VAT £182.08

That’s around $277 US dollars right?. Still pretty costly for two gmod servers.

How did £182 come out of £35? :psypop:


They say the checkout fee is free on the main page but they want £50 at the checkout. :colbert:


azu hurry up with those linux binaries

Use xenon they won’t lag even if your in the UK.

Xenon sells dedicated servers?.

Proof of price:

Kimsufi are decent. Support is half decent, network cap will rarely effect you unless you put far too much pointless shit on your box. Box quality - good for the price.

For being an EU provider, decent speeds.


You seem to forget there are not yet any linbins for GMod. Coming soon, not yet here however.

… Flapjack, I never even mentioned linbins here.

I think he was commenting on how you chose CentOs in that order.

Conveniently, with WINE you don’t need linbins. That said, linbins are welcome over wine.

I pay that and half again every month for all my shit. It hurts :frowning:

Wine causes so many issues with GMod servers, it’s a pain in the arse to do. Anyway, Azu just released the linbins, for an upcoming engine update.