Anyone have a reskin for pointshop?

I tried to log onto coderhire but my account isnt 6 months old yet. But I was going to buy a reskin and a few other things off of there. Anyone have a reskin?

Wait until your account is 6 months old.

learn to make one yourself so you can become a billionaire like coderhire devs

Ignore those two.
Private message me and I may throw something together when I have some free time. I’m always looking for something to do, helps you learn new things.


The guy offers to make you something for free and asks you to message him, and you post an email to have him message you. I don’t see how that should work.

Not to mention you just posted your email public for everyone to see here, which I highly suggest against (considering it seems to also contain your full name).

As to the thread, this is the Developer Discussion. If you want help in coding one (as in we guide you) we will do so, but don’t go about asking for handouts.

Sorry, I apologize. I will find a way to message him on my phone. I am really bad at coding, it is just something I enjoy. I wasn’t trying to come off as the way as it sounded so I sincerely apologize.

I have unlocked your account manually, you can now use coderhire and browse the available scripts.

Thank you so much I really appreciate it!

Hey sorry to bother you but I sent you a private message because that didn’t work. My steam name is different than the one on here. Which is why I messaged you.