Anyone have a spare key?

I know my chances are slim to none but has anyone got a spare key to giveaway? Im a poor ass college student and i just lost my job a week ago :frowning: Ive been watching rust gameplay in the meantime and am addicted to what seems like a fun ass game so it sucks even more i dont have money to buy it and play it.

Sincerly the obeseturkey

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Ha yeah, someone’s going to give away a $20 game to someone they don’t know.

Maybe you should try, oh I don’t know, to find a job instead of playing games?

I had a job but its hard to find something to suit my college hours, but i am looking and with any luck ill get something soon. It just sucks living away from home and having all my money going towards rent :frowning:

Rob someone at gunpoint

No, and no one ever will.

I hope it doesnt come that :stuck_out_tongue: But im addicted to gameplay so you never know haha

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You never know without asking :slight_smile:

No, I know.

Im a positive kind of guy so yeah you never know

So then don’t go away to college, you’re just furthering yourself into debt and it sounds like you’re having a bad time as well if you want to spend time playing ‘rust’

My grades are heaps good so id like to relax a little and i dont watch tv.

I was reading that a lot of alpha keys were given away some time back so i dont know if this is still the case and people giveaway a few keys here and there.

Holy shit you sound entitled.

“Guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys I reeeaaallllllllllyyyyyyyyy want a free key, seriously guysssssssssssssssssssssssssss why won’t anyone just give this game to me for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

Stop being a whiner. If you can’t afford $20 for a game, go out and work literally four hours at McDonald’s. That’s all it takes.

Wow you sound like a douche, eitherway i got a key buy trading GTA V with the guy so all is well.

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Welcome to the Rust Forums my friend :smiley: