Anyone have a Sprint addon for TTT thats free?

Anyone have a Sprint addon for TTT thats free?

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Go to gamemode/player_ext
around line 200 you’ll find this.

function plymeta:SetSpeed(slowed)
   local mul = hook.Call("TTTPlayerSpeed", GAMEMODE, self, slowed) or 1
   if slowed then
      self:SetWalkSpeed(120 * mul)
      self:SetRunSpeed(120 * mul)
      self:SetMaxSpeed(120 * mul)
      self:SetWalkSpeed(220 * mul)
      self:SetRunSpeed(220 * mul)
      self:SetMaxSpeed(220 * mul)

The first 3 speeds are the max when you’re slowed down, such as being on fire or holding alt (I think that slows you?), second 3 are normal speeds.

You’ll have to add a key for sprinting since shift is used for traitor chat

Edit: to change the keys for traitor mic-chat. do it in cl_keys and cl_voice. Just hit ctrl-F and type in in_speed and then change that.
Edit 2: Or tell players to rebind their sprint key, but they may not want to.
Edit 3: Jesus, why are there 21 guests looking at this.