Anyone have any Revolutionary-era type of models they can spare?

I am planning on setting up a gamemode, it is basically done but i need playermodels:
Settler/Citizen that looks like it came from the 18th century
Redcoat - Looks like a british regular from the 18th century
American Militiamen - looks like American Footman but with a different color coat
American Footmen - Blue jacket
British Grenadier - same thing as redcoat but looks more like a grenadier (No, Really? XD)
and other models of this sort.

If anyone has and can give me this, thank you.

This gamemode will be released when i am finished with it if anyone is interested.

Also, please keep comments to yourself if it is not necessary.

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I hope it is not too much but if u could add at least 3 different types of the settler wearing different clothes and a blacksmith/gunsmith type playermodel, i would be very greatful

Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars has models you’d like.

XD Tru, i play that all the time but im not sure if it is possible to take those models and put em on Gmod. I could be wrong though.