Anyone have atleast one of the weapon attachments below?

Hi guys I’m new to this forum. I have been looking for these attachments since 1946 but still no luck :frowning: anyone have atleast 1? Any contribution is greatly appreciated and I will give you $100[NO SCAM|NO SURVEYS|2016]
EDIT: I was 2 busy being 2cool5u that I forgot to mention the attachments:
Any scar-h extended magazine or drum barrel (note scar-h is 7.62) I think there’s one in black ops 2 (da hamr)
Any flashlight adapter (for barrels) like the one in black hawk down
A rectangular ammo box, preferably german ammo box (wwii style) for that mg42 200 rounds mag haha
A german wwii helmet (preferably m42 helmet)

I don’t wanna be a dick but If I’m really in need (can’t find anywhere) I’ll update this list :frowning: