Anyone have info on research kits?

Research kits were a huge part of legacy and added a layer of certainty to the progression. If me and my friend take out some very geared players only using bows, we should be able to gather their advanced gear, take it home and research it for ourselves. I know that blueprints being the new system is supposed to make these schematics more of a commodity, but really it just means that the scenario where me and my boy get a huge payout for winning a battle largely in the other players favor is non-existant.

I really don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion, but I also thought the place-holder zombies were much more fun and much more consistent with their loot drops than the barrels are.

The research kit system in legacy made it too easy to be fully geared in a couple of hours.

Is getting their gear not a reward? I ambushed a player at an air drop a few days ago. He had a Thompson, I had a bow and no clothes. I managed to kill him, and immediately went from almost nothing to pretty well geared. I’d say that was a pretty good payout.

That’s part of the problem that made Legacy servers go so polarized in a matter of hours.

This is a good point, but I guess what I didn’t articulate was that the progression felt like it was directly tied to world PvP and player interaction. Trading blueprints is a new phenomenon that I see happen but haven’t taken part in myself.

I still think that researching items from players is a viable and really fun mechanic that could be reimplemented over the current system. Of course this would be a pretty significant design decision, it would expand significantly on the player progression in the game. And getting player progression right is what is going to keep people playing rust for months on end.

If they add research kits back to the game, I hope they do abit modified version of it.

I think I saw suggestion somewhere, that you require multiple items/guns to fully research it. xx% for each researched items and so on.

I think that would slow down the progression compared to legacy’s research kits.