Anyone have tips to not be screwed immediately?

Seems like I get screwed pretty hard whether I play PvP or PvE.

PvE: I can usually work up a nice home and everything after a day or two, but then someone breaks in and there’s not much you can do except watch them. I’ve never successfully repaired from anyone breaking in.

PvP: I’ve only played this a few times but so far as soon as I start gathering resources someone comes up and thinks it’s the absolute funniest thing in the world to shoot me and I’m back right where I started.

Does anyone have any advice to get past either problem?


Be aware. You can, most times, sneak around other players if you’re careful. Be mindful of your surroundings.

Build your shack in a place far from resources, and between trees/rocks in a secluded place. Build a basic shack and store up materials to ultimately build a semi-secure house. Your basic shack will last a while this way.

Try to hunt for resources in places that aren’t very populated, when doubling back to your shack use mountains and rocks, try to never cross open areas or walk near bases.

Farm zombies with your bow. It’s easy, and trains your aim. Besides giving you bullets, food, and blueprints, it trains your bow skills, which might save your life against other players may times (I know it saved mine).

Ultimately, try to find frends, a clan, a group, whatever. Make friends, colleagues, and such. This game shines when player togheter with more people. And protection is a bonus.

  1. Always look at an approaching player. If you hear footsteps, react.
  2. When you have no home or sleeping bag, you have to run like hell all the time. That’s just the way it is.
  3. Find a not so popular spawn area, when you know the map well this is not too hard (except on high pop servers)
  4. If you hear gunshots nearby, move in the opposite direction.
  5. Run away from the direction of airdrops… too many dangerous players will converge.

I’ve also noticed some people will start calling my name from absurdly far away. I can only see peoples’ names when I get really close, is there something I’m missing or are they probably hacking?

i don’t see what the problem is
make a shelter in some hidden area
metal door
only carry a hatchet and a bow while you’re collecting resources, if you die, respawn at shack and continue

Advice? Simple. Do not play alone. Find a group, make friends, ???, profit. If you lone wolf you are at a strict disadvantage. Groups are superior in this game, hands down. You will always be outmatched. If you do not find a group, your experience will likely continue as it has.

1.) If you’re soloing, avoid high population servers like the plague they are for loners. Go for servers with no more than 50 players.

Getting enough resources to start doing anything meaningful without getting killed is basically impossible without quite a bit of luck on your side, and really, how many times do you want to restart before you get “lucky”? There’s a reason most people on high-pop servers get their resources from the corpses of other characters that they killed. Nodes just aren’t plentiful enough on high pop servers. And pigs… man, fuck pigs.

  1. As soon as you can, make use of stash bags.

Once you have the essentials, go immediately stash them in a series of stash bag hidden in some distant corner of the map, so when you inevitably get raided and lose everything, you’re not back to square one. Stash bags are invisible until people are basically on top of them, so they’re very, very good things to use out in the boonies.

  1. Use natural walls as much as possible.

I built my base against the back of a stone column, then surrounded it with spikes and a wooden gate. People would look at it, decide it wasn’t worth the effort, and move on. It worked perfectly… until someone glitched through my gate and doors and stole everything. :frowning:

  1. No one is your friend.

Absolutely no one. Especially on official servers. If you have a gun and you can’t avoid an encounter (avoiding is always best, BTW), SHOOT FIRST. If you kill them and the first thing they post in chat is, “God damn it, just died to a KoSer” or something like that, you can apologize, collect their crap, and return it to them if you want to be friendly. Or… you can not. Though being a solitary raider is tough, just as a heads up.

  1. If you absolutely must interact with another player without shooting at them, use voice chat to tell them your intent.

It’s still pretty likely that they’ll shoot you, but hey, sometimes you’ll get lucky.

there is no currently a good way to surrvive/bulid everything can be breach with c4 so rip ;p

You can always find a lower population server. Aside from that, take these steps as soon as you get in the game:

  1. Get wood, get stone
  2. Make a hatchet
  3. Find animals. Chickens, Rabbits, boars. Stay away from wolves and bears.
  4. Make a bow as soon as you get 5 cloth.
  5. Make a sleeping bag/shelter/door as soon as you get enough supplies in general
  6. Put your campfire in your shelter.
  7. Ensure that your shelter is not in the middle of viewing area, probably hide it in rocks. Sometimes if you explore enough you can find crevices.

Make a safe home to stash your gatherings.

Once you have something valuable, or when you see someone clothed approaching you:

Even if they don’t have clothes, run away. Because…

And then have people loot your stuff through walls, and or get aimboted or speed hacked.

For now, just play the game in a sporting fashion, a 0 F*cuks given attitude, because for now, the game & servers are broken.