Anyone having trouble signing in?

Yesterday I played just fine. Today I changed browers. Went from Chrome to Firefox. When I put in my email and password nothing happened. No error no nothing.

So I went back to Chrome. Put in my email, password and nothing happened. I dont sign in. No errors.

Anyone else have this problem?

No one?

Try clearing your cache, if that doesn’t do it try another browser.

I don’t have a key to play :frowning: so I don’t know anything but try looking through your cookies or something or just make sure everything is in correct.

Thank you both for answering. I tried clearing cache and cookies. Still, it just sits there. I cannot log in. I dont even get an error message and Ive tried another browser with the same issue happening.

What is the error you are getting?

EDIT:Thought you said it IS getting a error. anywho try with internet explorer maybe reinstall the web browser I’m not 100% sure but i’ve had similar problems with some other games/websites.

I’ve been trying to get into contact with Helk about this, but I’ll leave the thread up meantime for him to see.

Thanks Craptasket :slight_smile:

I was able to get back in but if I sign out, again I am not able to get back in. It only happens sometimes. Like right now. lol

It makes no sense because the log in just sits there. Again, there is no error messages.

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I just thought of something. Is it possible that there is a limit of how many ppl can play at one time? I mean I see 127 ppl online when I go to sign on. So does anyone know if there is a limit to how many can play at one time?

It has been two days since I can sign in. And I have seen others who have made post about not being able to sign in. But I have not seen any answers.

Has anyone found out the reason why some people cannot click on the green button to sign in and it actually sign us in?

Yes, I have cleared cache and cookies. I have reinstalled browsers, I have tried multiple browsers and still my page just sits still after putting my email and password in.

Yes, I know my email and my password.

Just a quick question did you guys try clearing the unity cache through this link ? Even through i doubt it will work it might be worth a Try

Thanks Dark, I tried the link above and still log in just sits there.

i hope they fix this soon i haven’t been able to play it yet :frowning:

Day 4 still cant log in. Anyone have any ideas?