Anyone ideas for skins?

Hey there Rusty people!

I was wondering if you guys had any ideas for skins, I recently started making some because I was bored A.F.
Let me know if you have any ideas!

A giant purple dildo encrusted with shiny pink gems on a jumper please.

I’d like to see some variations to the Metal Facemask, because I hate the way it looks. Especially now in the Halloween season there could be some cool models/reskins for it.

Just a good old fashioned “FUCK U GARY” t shirt

Metal Facemask and chest piece could be skinned to a Rustic Paint Job, Or Gun Medal.

rustoleum hammered spray paint colors

What about


For facemasks offcourse

@Drave, I do not think the model can be changed, only the texture. The masks you posted would be cool true, but cover different area than the metal facemask.

Remodelling items is pretty simple if you download the skin SDK off steam, whether it get accepted or not afterwards is another thing.

for the sake of the argument, you could just use alpha layers to make the excess parts see through.

“errective Zebra Pants” just my 2 cents