Anyone Interested in Starting a Gmod Tutorial Website?

It will be of course be a .com website, paid by myself.
The wiki.gmod is good but it doesn’t give much information on a whole lot of stuff, it doesn’t have tutorials for addons either…

The website would also give recommendations on the most essential addons, maps etc.
If anyone is interested in helping out just let me know.

Seems like a great idea, maybe even make video tutorials and usersubmited ones. Tobad i have to much stuff todo already if it becones real i might submit a few machinima related tutorials.

Well I have quite alot of webspace which you guys can use a part of i guess, just throw me a PM if your interested.
Also my friend (Nemesis036) is alright at web development if you wanted to contact him about setting up the actual site if you don’t have anyone already.

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if you want to join me contact me at [EMAIL=“”]

Why use a free website that’s also spelled wrong?

That is very interesting, keep up the good work!
I have never seen that being advertised? you should tell some more people about it.


Oh dayum, what Sylerr said.
But still nice!

That is crap.
Sorry to be blunt but the community with a bit of experience would agree with me.

I could lend a hand if you get a site underway, i can do tutorials on a few things.

yeah i would love to help

Sounds like it would be a nice idea. I could do some tutorials if you need some.