Anyone interested in working on the Half-Life VR mod?

It’s been gathering dust for a couple of years now, but we are getting more and more people asking every day when we’re going to make a new version with support for the new Rift and Vive, so we’re going to dust it off and get it going again.

I ended up doing a fair bit of work going through the maps and updating them with HDR lighting and stuff, but I always wanted to do the extra mile and remaster some of the more painfully low res textures and models, update the flat material shaders to actually use bump mapping, etc.

If anyone is interested in working on some stuff, or maybe, since I know many people here have already remastered various assets, letting us use them, please let me know here or over on reddit :slight_smile:

We arnt just looking for artists, so if you have other relevant skills, or just a VR headset and a desire to help playtest, we would love to hear from you!