Anyone know a decent CityRP (or anything that isn't DarkRP) server?

I know, RP and all that, but I enjoy playing some RP with some friends every once in a while. It’s just boring when it’s just friends though, beats the whole purpose of roleplaying.
The server we used to play on died a while ago, it’s unstable and it doesn’t get properly maintained. Since there’s so many rotten servers out there, I was hoping anyone would know a decent server from the bunch.

Thanks in advance.

Everything is Cops Vs Robbers, therefore everything is DarkRP.

It’s kinda depressing though, everyone has the tools to make a good DarkRP server, but they never do.

But no one plays on normal servers.


Made my day.

Staff are concentrated assholes

Only the high ranked ones are assholes. The moderators/admins can be nice, but almost all of them are too busy/lazy to actually do shit.

Thanks man, glad to see my daily asshole pruning routine is noticed.

In all honesty, try FearlessRP. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. Worth a try in my opinion. Otherwise I can’t really think of much else.

Now that I think about it, has there even been a RP server without weapons?

Before you start with, “RP would be better without weapons!” it doesn’t work.

I never mentioned that, just a thought.

Don’t know why everyone is bashing on fearless,Just don’t break rules and it was pretty fun for me,If you don’t like it you don’t like it,I don’t see why you cant give it a try. I liked it for a couple months than it got boring.

Fearless is actually the server I was talking about :v: Do you know why it’s been so unstable the last couple of weeks?

Constantly being DDoSed is why, I can only presume it is someone we banned. Its happened before and eventually passes.

I just found out the three of us are banned, this is the ban request:
I would post this in the right section but your website spews an error when I try to login with Steam.
The guy made the video private because he knows we would see the video. But it only shows his side of the situation.
He got into a nasty feud with us a couple of weeks back and we hate his guts ever since. We decided to play a couple of rounds of TF2 back then, I disagreed with a lot of things and said I was blind as a bat for disagreeing, among other immature profanity. He likes to spin things his way, and he saw that we joined the server, he did too right after another DDoS attack. He tried entering our group chat but we kicked him out all the time, I simply don’t want anything to do with him at all. Anyway, he went president and spewed more shit to us outside of the video, while mentioning that ‘the streets are open to Corleone’ (we were Corleone), this was obviously done to make himself look good and make us look like the bad guys, so we decided enough is enough and kick his sorry ass out of the Nexus. There were only us, two citizens and him, so we decided it wouldn’t hurt anyone. Right after that we went back to normal play, and now this happened. I simply don’t agree with this ban.

I can deal with legit ban requests, but this is a completely different thing. He’s a backstabbing cock that’ll do anything to ridicule others.

140 Rules, underpowered police force, lots of drama involving clans, perma laws, and a lot of admin ass-kissers who use rules like FearRP to get other users banned.
I liked playing on Fearless because it was sometimes a little more open-ended, but at the same time it has a lot of things that I despised.

I’m already banned for nOt CaRiNg AbOuT aNtiChEaT rUlEs

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“Just don’t break rules”

Just don’t ban on first sight.

You should definitely not try EVORP.

Doesn’t EVORP use DarkRP or a 2007 DarkRP base?