Anyone know any good Funny/Semi-Serious servers?

Any suggestions? I want to try the experience of GMod RP, but stuff like DarkRP or HL2RP seem too complicated or overly serious to start off with. Any ideas for other types of roleplay that are easier to get into and simply a more fun-based/humourous experience, or at least not as tight-fisted servers? I’m currently eyeing either starting up 1942RP or CityRP. Is that a good idea?

Sorry if I bother anyone.

you’ll discover pretty quickly that a true 99% of server owners have absolutely no idea how to properly run a server and maintain a fun environment
you’ll also discover that the players are just as bad

if you have tons of spare cash to pay for a server rental with, that’ll be your only chance of fostering a fun environment
if you can’t afford it without taking “donations” don’t do it at all