Anyone know any good places to learn C++?

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I used to have a good guide on this bookmarked but don’t have it anymore. It was on my other Google account :v:

I’d rather not read through all the garbage most site have.

Try really good site to get the basics down…

That ‘Garbage’ is essential to learning a programming language, it’s not something you can learn over night and expect to make the next Windows OS the next day,

I already know that, as I am already a programmer, I want a simple approach to learning it, not overly complicated.

I personally am going through the community college level to learn it. However, a couple of good websites are:


Hope these help you, and have fun getting into the mind-numbing task of coding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go grab a book from Easons then, books aren’t too complicated

There’s the programming forum, which is quite useful.

I agree Codeacademy is the best way to learn the basics unless you take a college course. Try it and its free too. Thats where I learned java.