Anyone know any good servers with great PVP?

What we want:

Recently wiped. 2 days ago MAXIMUM!
PVP - People should expect being raided.
Sleep 100%
Mature/Good/Smart admins
Airdrops on.
Weapons standard
POP: 50+

We ain’t what most players call friendly, but we will help newcomers that have questions, if they run across our crosshair though they will be downed. Nude or what ever doesn’t matter.
We are 25+, we like to raid and we will raid as soon as we get the chance.
We like to shoot people and take their shit, we go at it full PVP.
We expect being raided and we enjoy the challenge!
If your server cant handle this, we ain’t interested. (And you shouldn’t device us because it will only hurt your own playerbase and waste our time.)

If you have what we ask for, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
email me at : if i don’t answer here.

We haven’t had any hackers. Some raiders, some are cooperative. . I get <100 ping from swe.


bring your 25+ to any server and im sure any server will gain momentum from there…

[US West] NEW Server LoTF (PvP|Sleepers|DoorShare|1/4 Craft)

Connect Info
Open console and copy and paste the command below for a direct connection to the server.


Server Name :
[UK]|PvP|Wiped 24/1/2014


Server Location
Central Europe

250 Player Slots

Wiped 24/1/2014

Oxide Mods
Door Sharing
Invalid Character Names

Experienced and New players are welcome and the server has active respectful admins.

Admins can be added to your steam to make it easier to contact them.

The server is hosted from the same provider as the Rust Official servers.

Server is fresh 24/1/2014 so its a perfect time to join