Anyone know how I can make equal firefights?

I need something to make firefights between citizens and any combine or metro cops somewhat equal. In a machinima I’m making I need it to be 16 vs 16 and the reason I can use metro or combine is because I have model manipulator which can put any hl2 skeletoned ragdoll on an npc. Please help! Thanks.

Try installing this, then use the model manipulator to change all the friendly combine NPC’s models to that of citizens. What you’ll be left with is basically citizen NPCs with combine attributes (aim, strength, health, etc)

Thanks for the comment, but unfortunatly the friendly combine uses the citizen base. I figured out that I need some sort of tool that makes the model that has the combine base to shoot at other combine base.

By “between citizens and any combine or metro cops” do you mean Combine Vs Combine, Rebel Vs. Rebel, or Rebel Vs. Combine?

If you just want a fair fight between Rebel Vs. Combine then enter these commands in console:

sk_citizen_health [Number]
sk_metropolice_health [Number]
sk_combine_s_health [Number]

The above commands change the npc’s health for citizens/rebels, metropolice, and Combine Soldiers/Supers.

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Thank you ROFLBURGER. This helped a lot!

give both sides the same number of people, same guns, same terrain advantage and same everything.

That doesn’t work, due to the fact that the rebels have vastly superior aim, as well as regenerating health. There is also a NPC proficiency tool that allows you to change the accuracy of npc types, all the way from terrible, to perfect accuracy. It definitely changes the outcomes of firefights.

Note that NPCs fighting eachother is not entertaining.

Note that you haven’t seen what he has even done yet.

I already know it’s going to be one of those crap videos of a gmod NPCfight pretending to be a movie.

actually I’m making a series that is going to be face posed and it’s about a zombie apocalypse as well as 2 factions fighting for resources so you should shut your mouth because you know nothing. This is going to be a story central machinima series. Yes there will be firefights here and there, but storyline is my main focus.

Send it to me when you’re done.

It’s gonna take a while since I’m currently trying to find a way to facepose on windows 7 because currently the program is only compatable with XP.

I can run the Faceposer from the Source SDK fine.

Yes, but can you extract correctly?

I know the perfect addon for you. I’m assuming you already have NPC Control, but I will link it anyway. - NPC Proficiency Tool. It allows you to edit the accuracy of the default NPC’s that come with Garry’s Mod/Half-Life 2. There is probably a way to add custom ones, but not that I know of. Once you download and install the addon, you have to bind the console command to a key you don’t use.

bind [ npc_prof_menu

That’s what I normally use but feel free to bind any other key.
Now to equal the proficiency between the NPC’s, lets take a look at how they are first. The Rebels/Citizens have extreme accuracy, so you can either lower theirs to about Average, or you can raise the MPF/OTA higher. - NPC Control v1.2.2

Edit: Now seeing fury’s post, I am late. Although, he didn’t give a link. Anyway, hope I helped you out and I look forward to this Machinima.