Anyone know how to drive the PHX train?

I just got phx about 2 days ago and I don’t know how to drive the train vehicle that came with it. I tried putting it on a track and everything but it didn’t work. Could somebody please help me?!

If you are spawning it from the props menu,you cant drive it.Look in the vehicle tab and see if its in there,if its not,I cant help.

I did. That’s what I’m asking. It won’t let me drive the one in vehicles. I can get in it and stuff but it doesn’t move.

You have to move it youreself.What I do…
1:Put thrusters on it
2:Make a track and put the train on it
Its just like the pod,if you want to “drive” it,you need to do it youreself.

Well I tried that too but it only lets you put thrusters on certain spots of the train.

Oh yea,forgot to tell ya that.I think its a glitch with the model.It happens with me too.

don’t use the PHX train?