Anyone know how to fix BSOD- IGXPDX32.DLL

Hi, I recently got Garrys mod and I have been having some issues with it. What happens is that when I shoot an explosive barrel or if an NPC’S body gibs, my game crashes and a bsod error comes up saying that IGXPDX32.DLL crashed or something like that. I know that my graphics card is bad, I use to have a better one but it burned out when I was playing COD. If anyone has a solution to this I appreciate it, thanks.

Also, I have an intel g33/g31 chipset (I know…weak). But it can play HL2 without any errors.


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By the way, I do have the latest driver installed.

See if you can download a new version of that file. I did that with some thing that I was missing.

Intel chipsets is known to get fucked over completly by GMod, i think your out of luck until you can get a card that can handle it

Alright, thanks.

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It weird though, it only crashes if I use the hl2 barrel or if I gib the whole body using dismemberment mod not just an arm