Anyone Know how to fix the rubber banding problem

I get rubberbanded back into one spot 3 times in a row about every 1 to 5 min. It makes it nearly impossible to play the game. I played new rust about a month ago and never had this problem but now i do. Does anyone know how to fix this i know some people that have the same problem and some who never experienced it. I tried re installing rust but it did nothing.

Sounds like lag. Find a server with lower latency.

this never happened before. ive been playing on the same server for 2 months, and same with OP, the last update introduced severe rubberbanding. I move in one direction and then i keep reapearing where i was 2 seconds ago.

While its true that it might be caused by less than perfect internet connection, it never happened before and it only started with the last update.

The only rubber banding I’ve seen recently is the sun; sometimes it stutters.