anyone know how to host a free gmod 13 server?

ok well (as it says) is there a way and how do u host a gmod server? not too hard and not too easy?

the only way to do that is to host it yourself, You’ll need a decent hardware and internet connection, You also need to open the GMOD port or use a program like hamachi, Then you simply start a multiplayer game

Port forward or use Hamachi, but you’ll want a good internet connection and decent hardware or else it’s going to lag out the ass.

Even with decent hardware, you might only be able to host a 10 player server or less.

At least it’s something. :v:

First, open port 27015 on your router and firewall. ( will help)
Launch garrysmod, click start new game, adjust the playercount in the top right and start the game.
You are now hosting a server for you and your friends as long as you run your game.

Want a real server? Set up a dedicated server using the hldsupdatetool. More information can be found on the old wiki:

Maybe use a linux server? I do and it is quite amazing. Not to hard on the ass, but then again, I have dedicated server boxes… and 50 mb/s down… and 20 mb/s up… yeah… imma stop talking now…

no worries i figured it out my self. u gotta portfoward or buy a server, “port fowarding is dangerous” and then use the steamCMD with the new steam pipe update to download the server files “optional”

It only took you 9 months :v:

If you’re hosting locally after port forwarding and stuff, this site is actually pretty good for finding out how many players you can host with your limits. (though it applies to Minecraft so do trial and error or some shit) I don’t need to use it, but when I inputted my specs it gave me what I already use as a player cap. (>100 :v:)

Mine says 30, with 16 GB ram, 10 Mb up and 150 Mb down, I can easily have more people on.

Hardware depends on what you are doing with the server. If your doing sandbox you will need a decent cpu and amount of ram 1-2gb for the server (don’t forget that your operating system, the garrysmod client, and your other software use ram as well so 2gb in the machine might not bee enough). If your doing ttt, it’s less stressful on the machine because there is very few physics operations and alot less entities, it is basically the map, players and some guns.

A limit you will worry about is bandwidth. Most bandwidth is recorded in megabits. I have comcast with some ok upspeed I get about 8mbit/s that coverts to 1mbyte/s.
What I have heard the useage of a css slot is is about 4kbyte for a player. So I could in theory handle no more then 256 clients. However this upspeed is above the national average that would limit you to 160 clients. I used to have internet that had an upspeed of 2mbit but actually gave about 1.5. Leave 0.5 for other applications and I was left with 1mbit leaves you with a absolute max of 32 clients. If your a skype call host during this time you lose even more of your upspeed, got a brother that torrents? your fucked

So post your cpu, ram, what your server is for and check your bandwidth. If your computer can handle doing what you want we can go from there. If these aren’t simple task for you, then managing a server might be a little over your head.

On a side note, minecraft servers limit is usually ram and that means the limit is closely related to the number of loaded chunks. Two players in the same area don’t cost much extra as far as ram but two players far away cost twice as much as a single player. The limit of a minecraft server really depends on what the servers gameplay is like. For example a server with an economy and town plots keeping players together or a survival games server keeping players together is cheaper then a survival or grief allowed pvp server keeping players spread out and alone.

This post is from 28th October 2012, why are people still posting here?

this might help you bulby.

This site is worthless.

Server peaks at 130 but usually has 80+ Minecraft players on it (single MC server).