Anyone Know How To Make A Gmod Server

If anyone knows how to setup a gmod server and put custom stuff into it then add me on steam
Steam Name: IHAZ6AM3RTA6
NOTE: If you can’t find me by that name then search Quazakman98

The question is. Are you willing to pay?

With some elaboration on that, you can setup a garrysmod server on your local computer (which of course is a dumb idea), or rent a dedicated garrysmod server from a server provider.
Key word there is RENT, meaning that it will cost you money (cost dependent on the host).

Garrysmod server renting is easy to do, and there’s plenty of tutorials that you can find. The host will most likely provide FAQS.
When you begin renting a server, you are provided with FTP (File Transfer) and Control Panel (so you can restart if needed).

The amount you pay to rent a server is dependent on the host, and the amount of player spots you want.
Some hosts charge a lot, and have good quality (RAM and CPU), and others just have standard specs and are cheap (not often though).

You’re Welcome! :smiley:

Ewh, Hamachi? Wtf… Use this:

If you are going to rent, then I recommend the following, they currently have a 20% off sale, and using the following link will get you bonuses:

alright pay me 100$ and ill google it for you

Why would he… I just posted both solutions.

If you really want to make a good gmod server, you should follow this:

I like the windows dedicated server setup page, it is really good. GOOD LUCK! Oh, and you should know some stuff about server making, use the general server setup page for that.

what i mean is it’s so easy just to google something i dont get why people just make threads here

While I do agree with you, there is no real downside to helping them.

Use they have really awesome servers and support!