Anyone know how to make a reliable turret/cannon?


I have been recently playing Gmod with a friend of mine, and we are implementing Gcombat. My tank is based off of the old German Assault Guns/Tank Destroyers of WWII, and as such, I do not have a turret, just a fixed gun that moves up and down.

To make the fixed gun, I take a steel beam, and weld two wheels to the base of it. I weld the wheels to my tank, then attach a hoverball to the end of the beam, which allows it to angle up and down.

Here’s my question. Whenever I turn my tank left or right, the barrel shakes and wobbles back and forth. This affects my accuracy, as well as looking… odd. Do any of you know how to remedy this?

Thank you,

Try Weight Tool.

Thank you, that does seem to work, but if you decrease the weight on an object, it becomes very fragile in terms of Gcombat. So my cannon is usually the only thing to get taken out. Which isn’t fun.


The cannon only has to weigh less relative to the body of the tank…
So try making everything weigh more, then make the cannon weigh less.
If you use thrusters to power your tank, make those weigh a little bit more as well. In case the thrusters become too weak to push the heavier tank. More weight on a thruster = more power. Don’t know why that happens, but it works.

That is quite interesting. I, however, do not use thrusters, instead I rely on wheels, and I drive it like it were tracked. I will try altering the weight tonight. Thank you for your help.

If the entire tank weighs 50k, you’ve got yourself an unkillable tank :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing that works very well (disregard if this is minge, I honestly don’t know) is using an advanced ballsocket

this is how it works: you axis a prop, doesn’t even have to be heavy, so that it can turn on the axis (relative to the world I think, however adv. ballsockets work). then adv. ballsocket all the props of the part you want to be able to turn to the prop, with free movement ticked and all the rotation minimums and maximums at 0.

if you place it so that it keeps the same rotation, except for what rotation you want to be turnable (say for a tank gun, up-down), it stabilizes it a lot. If your tank isn’t a tank destroyer, but a tank with an actual turning turret, this prop of course is to be attached to the turret so that it turns with the gun.

I know it works well, it can hold off 9 wire explosives with the damage set to the max of the slider with only a hint of rotation. You’ll have to play a bit with the friction in the axis though.