Anyone know of a server that doesn't flip out about RDM in TTT?

I don’t like how on 99% of servers, if you kill someone without seeing them shoot someone they slay you for “rdm”. It kind of kills the point of rooting out the terrorists.

Another way to put it would be, what’s a server that treats the entire game as overtime?

If this is the wrong subforum, I’m sorry. Please tell me and/or move it.

Or how about you just don’t RDM?

Not RDM. What I’m asking for is a server that allows you to kill on suspicion during the whole game (including people shooting me).

I probably worded the title a bit oddly, my bad.

You never kill on suspicion; all servers allow killing if they shot you first.

Yes I understand that however most servers allow you to kill on suspicion in overtime (always sticking behind the group, seen where gunshots came from within the last 5 seconds, etc…). I’m asking for a server that always allows that.

That would be a terrible server. People would be blaming the stupidest thing for suspicion. Oh man! He also had a sniper and the innocent died by a sniper, it must be him!

Also, you can’t really blame the server/admins for trying to keep peace when you have tons of small children spamming chat about rdm.

I’m not blaming admins, I’m asking for a server where admins have different rules.

or how about you do because it’s the point of the gamemode

it has a control system built in for this ffs

The point of TTT is to have solid proof so you can backup your reasoning instead of just randomly guessing, banking on that the suspicious party is a traitor.

Make your own.

if you randomly guessed, you would have karma deducted and deal less damage. it’s how the game works. it doesn’t need crybaby police.

This is one of the main reasons that out of the 200+ hours I’ve spent playing TTT, only 20 or so of those have been within the past few years. TTT to me was always very much a game about paranoia and having to earn people’s trust; the game was based more around out-smarting everybody than about being a better shot or having quicker reflexes. You didn’t have to launch a full court case against somebody if you suspected them of being a traitor, you just had to be confident that killing said person would do you less harm than keeping them alive.

The strict RDM rules make sense though, since most of the popular servers have a way too many slots and the rules are the only thing keeping any semblance of order. TTT, in my experience, just really doesn’t work well when you get past 12 or so players.

One server I ran went by the rule that you can kill on good suspicion. It can be difficult to enforce but it works great on 16-18 slot servers.

Not hosting the server anymore tho, so sorry.

Have a look at the TTT rules over at Prestige Gaming. The TTT server also utilizes the !report addon to help with the administration.

It allows killing on suspicious behavior, but it has to be at-least 3 acts of suspicious behavior, or any single traitorous act. I think that may be what you are looking for. For the IP look at the Server List.

Best of luck otherwise :slight_smile:

Sounds like a bitch to enforce as an administrator, but I’m not gonna tell them how to run their server.