Anyone know of any lava water textures?

I’m looking for a lava water texture to use in my space build map. Anyone know of any?
And yes I googled. FPS banana doesn’t have a lava water either.
(btw): Yes, I could do it myself, but waters are tricky, and I was hoping to save some time.

I remember from noxious teamplay gamemode there was a map with lava (nox_lavawars ?) you could try to search that up.

Thank you, I’ll look into that.

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You could use the crossbow bolts texture. if you resize it to like 5.0 in texture size. it will look pretty well as lava. then turn it into func_water_analog. I think that will make it act as water.

I don’t get why lava would be have like water in any way in source. Sure they’re both liquids, but that only factors in in real life. In Source they’re still both brushes. It’s not like you’d be able to go inside the lava.

…Uh, you can try here. I just kinda found this, maybe you could somehow rip the texture from it?

Never mind guys, I made my own lava (with water phys). Map will be out later this month.

Does it mean water like in ageia demos? Or is it just some kind of entity I’ve never heard of?