Anyone Know The GCombat Core SVN Password?

I’ve tried searching the forums and Google and I can’t find anything. I got the link from the Garry’s Mod Wiki but they didn’t supply a password, if anyone knows it, please let me know.

Also, here’s the SVN link if needed.

I didn’t think you could use passwords with Google Code.

Yeah I guess you can now, unless they changed it. But it’s asking me for one.

Both username and password are either anon or anonsvn.

I’ve tried both and won’t work.

Try username: anon password: anon
or username:anonsvn password:anonsvn

Yeah, I still have no idea what the password is i was about to go try pew pew which is basically a redone version of gcombat that has the same compatibilities

Yeh but you need GCombat for SBEP weapons

so… what to do?