Anyone know what that War Gamemode is called?

It’s kinda like BattleField in Garry’s Mod, and I can’t remember what it was called. I remember in the Help/Support section a while ago, someone was asking what addon it used for the airstrike was or something. (It was a modified M9K I think?)

Does anyone know what it is called since it looked rather fun.


Cops n Robbers is essentially that. m9k on 64 player slot server, evocity? Might be what you are looking for.
Made by gizmoands,usage server community

Ot was Vietnam War TDM. An modified version of DarkRP.
If you want to start your own server, better try to modify an existing TDM Base. Nearly the same ammount of work needed, but a way way way way […] way way -snip- way way better endresult.