Anyone know what these models are?

Anyone know any good Gmod Military models? Not vehicles and such, just soldiers or marines. Player models / npc’s work fine too…
Now I know they are probably easy to find, but I can’t find any good Military / Army models that actually look good… I was watching vids on youtube one day and I saw this. (lol Parasite Gamemode)
And I was wondering if anyone knew the two Military models that were being used in this video. If not its fine. Anyways if you know those models or you know really good military models, please comment links to them!

-Thanks in advance.

Sorry about the thread name… :\ Don’t know why I put it as that, it should have been “Anyone know good Military Models?”

Yeah, I’d like to know that too.
Those are really nice player models.

Sgmod. Get it under the models section. Has alot of military models, plus a few stargate models.