Anyone Know When The new patch is coming?

So My friends telling my the new patch will finally fix the windows xp timing desync But I was wondering when it comes out

I think patch tomorrow.

COUUUULD be tomorrow. But the calendar its not a deadline. It’s mostly for organization purpose and this way they can organize their time better.

For me they can take as much time as they want <3.

When it gets here?


Ever heard of waiting?

I’ve got a 100mb update now…

You use DEV-branch. Right-click on game in libry, last tab.

Yeah, completely forgot I turned that on, apologies

Patch happened yesterday.

Why is it taking so long… i can’t wait to wipe my server, i thought it was going to be last friday but no…

why are you asking useless questions on a forum where none of the dev team replies?
cant you just wait like every other player?
is that possible?

you get it when its released!
or do you want a half way working patch to start crying about it afterwards because its not done.

people always tend to cry about something, doesnt matter what, you guys cry, moan and cant be patient at all

Will the next patch require servers to wipe?

People still use Windows XP?

I don’t hope so.

friday or saturday

I think it comes out when they release it? Only the Devs know when they want to push it out. So sit and wait like the rest of the community please.
And I like how people think it is usually every Friday/Saturday.

Had 2 go back 2 it becuase 2 gbs of my ram failed so im stuck with 2 gbs And windows 7 +2 gbs and trying 2 game is terrible

nice name

Thanks man I like ur name aswell