Anyone know where I can find a .phy for human xana?

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Is Xana from Dark Messiah: Might and Magic?

If so your right theres not one there in the files, is this a problem? (I’ve just extracted them so i’ve yet to see).

yeah, it is from DM. i looked in the gcf and there’s no .phy

i’ve seen xana posed so i know there is one though. someone must have it.

Its likely they decompiled it and made one.

Edit: theres a ragdolled version of Soverign in this pack if its any help, but i’ve yet to find a Xana (though I did find a reskin for it):

Also here: ,

Sorry for double post, but i’ve figured out a way of doing it. Copy the female villager’s .phy and paste it into the xana folder, rename it npc_xana_regular and it makes it into a ragdoll.

(also where’d that model pack go? I’ve removed the link as theres no point to it.)