Anyone know who this is?

So some one filled out an admin request on my server and some of the details were skewed. I’m going to go check with the servers he was an admin on and see if they even know who he is, in the mean time. Does anyone know who this is? I’ll list all of his past names. I just want to know what kind of person I’m taking into the role of admin before I do so.

His current name is Physics.

His past names are:
Quba Tim
Lero hima
Leroy Jenkins
Hildo makins
Zimba guy
Mathieu uta
Phyminabi Hilgo
George Clooney
q-R-p | Physics

A SteamID would help.

Right, here you are. STEAM_0:1:60331374

He ages fast… backwards:

You should probably only accept admin requests from people you know and trust.
Anyways, here’s their Steam profile from the ID you have provided.

Google search only responds with one 2 day sban. Seems to not be getting banned much which is one good sign.

A floater, I’d let him play a bit then consider his app.

If you’re going to have an application system for admin the only way to reduce the flood of people is to force them to play for so long before applying. Plus you really should get to know people before even thinking of accepting an application.

wtf is he?


And fast.

I wouldn’t accept him because of his blatant lying and dishonesty.

Yeah, if you don’t already have this in place you should seriously consider it. It really helps to be able to know how a player is before you give them privileges on your account. Many times it’s not that they’re trolls or some other wrecker, but might have personality issues that drive people away from your server.

I turned him down after all of this and a close inspection of his application. He said his first account had 4,000 hours on GMOD. He then said he saved one description for his application when he was 15 (when he made a new STEAM account for his 10 year old brother).

In an interview he goes on to say his brother is 28 now and doesn’t have the steam ID or profile name (so I can’t go check it).

Here’s the thing… if he made that description when his brother was 10, that means he did that 18 years ago. Steam came out only 8 years ago.

He said he was a:
Physics: Co-owner on CitadelCore
Physics: Co-owner on Flaming toads darkrp
Physics: Superadmin on Master apples darkrp
Physics: Admin on radi-gamers
Physics: Admin on q-R-p
Physics: Admin on Vanir Darkrp
Physics: Admin on DNG Gaming Darkrp
Physics: Admin on Danger Zone Gaming

But either those servers are empty, not available, or their staff is no where to be found never mind tell me if they know him.

well heres flaming toads steam group.
From what I’ve seen Master Apples darkrp is a successful server so he would have to have a lot of playtime or connections to be super-admin, which means he probably did something to get kicked out.

A power hungry liar who sucks at lying. The worst kind of admin, glad you didn’t accept this. Lying is an important aspect of being a Gmod server admin. You really put to much effort into checking this guy out, should have dropped him pretty quickly in my opinion.

An application for admin is the most stupid thing I’ve heard. That’s got disaster written all over it. Only let people you’ve known for a long time or you trust, be an admin.

Nope. He isn’t.

Edit: Perma’d.

I can add another to the mystical aging of this fascinating creature.

He posted this 12/12/13

Thanks for having this thread with proof of his dishonesty :smiley:

tons of people lie about their age on the internet. I remember when I was like 10 or something and REALLY wanted to play runescape so I aged a few years

You could have some kind of trial rank where they have limited powers for a month. Sadly the people who have a bad intent for your server are most likely going to get through it