Anyone knows a free FastDL provider?

So first i used my own domain as a fastDL, it expired and i was out of money :smiley:

Now i need a fastDL for free (if there is any)

Any links please :stuck_out_tongue:

Self-host one.

i would like to know this aswell so can we have like a link or something ?

There are no free FastDL providers without bandwidth limits. You could try this:

It says loading builder and it just keeps loading

EDIT: nvm i did it. So i uploaded the files through my smartftp and what now?

I host free fastdl for all games. Just add me on steam. Been hosting them for 8 years now

use dropbox its the best one and the fast one and the free

Except for the limits dropbox sets.

naa its enough I have csgo server and gmod server and css server on the same dropbox user and I never rich to the limit of the space just do all the ways to get free space
I have 3GB and I used only 2.7 GB

They’re the host I use and are cheap and it’s just… amazing how it all works together even it’s appearance of the site is nice. Good quality too and their customer support respond within minutes of 20 or so.

Mostly you need a self host, they have a FASTDL synch where they detect your files you put in so say a few maps and then it will finish searching and just hit restart on the site control panel and it will work!

(You can pay £5/$8-9/ for ten player slots a month. But even though it’s good price and awesome. I’d pay around £15 for its around 20 or so for player slots. Hit garrys mod more info on the site where you click get started and click order. Then you can view the pricing and player slots there. Hope I helped.

I know you said free, but to be honest… you would rather solve the fuss and just try to get money for a host.**

Dropbox doesn’t work anymore for FastDL. It used to, but now it doesn’t. Those who made an account back then when it worked still got a working one.

That FastDL sync button doesn’t work for shit.

Just make an Apache server with XAMPP. It’s free and somewhat easy. You’ll even be able to host your own website on it for free… with an exception of buying or getting a domain name for free (or you can use your public IP, but I don’t recommend it). Domains such as .com are only $5 - $10 per year (depends on host/deals/etc).

And enjoy lots of vulnerabilities and problems with it!

I wouldn’t call hosting a FastDL mirror a production environment.

Use nfoservers, they can sell you a cheap webhost which they’ll help you setup as a FastDL.

Not if you know what you’re doing.

You don’t even have to know what your doing. Simply set a password on root and make it so you can only access the control panel from local host… problem solved.

Are you talking about phpMyAdmin now? XAMPP is so much more than just a web interface for a MySQL server. XAMPP’s PHP library is by default as open as it can be, thus making it as vulnerable as possible.