Anyone log out on sight? XD

I do if they are running toward me! I can’t stand people who just want to kill other players for the heck of it. I found armor, food, and enough cloth for everything I need to play the game. I ain’t losing it to some whole-A.

You’re the whole-A here. KoS is a legit playstyle. Dickish, but legit.

Leaving sucks though

You should join back. It will be fun having to raid someone like you.

I agree that kill on sight is legit but going around looking for players to kill just to piss them off isn’t.

I for one do it for sport, or to get more stuff. Not to make them pissed.

Yeah but a few time I have been able to get my stuff back. I mean if everyone is killing on sight them no one will get any where in this game.

The skilled ones do.

Yeah but should the game be fun for at least have the people that try it? Not just the few that are skilled.

so these are the kinds of players that are getting the keys


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What else did you except? People that are civilized and not shun a person because of supposedly hacking even though no one will give any type of proof?
:v: Don’t make me laugh!

smh pre combat logging really thats being the a hole if your just gonna quit give your acc to someone else who will actually play and not run

No way! I was told by reliable sources that Reddit was the reason these people exist.

Like a true sportsman.

Also, sorry for the dumb rating. I can’t seem to delete it.

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