Anyone making a Ball Race gamemode?

I know that no one likes this type of posts but!.. anyway.

Is anyone planning on developing a ball race gamemode? like the one seen on Gmod Tower
(Gameplay of said gamemode:

I think it would pretty neat to have a ball race mode as an available on day 1 release.

Sidenote: Please someone on this forum just make a separate gamemode category. The quality of posts has gone significantly down, after the whole early access to modders thing, due to posts like mine.

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I’m impressed that someone made Super Monkey Ball in gmod. It’d be cool to have not just a clone of that game but an improved version that uses S&box’s newer tools.

For example using the gravity altering tool to make courses with different possible directions to fall in, or using the scaling tool to make courses with different routes that you can only reach if you’re small enough to fit through a hole or large enough to cross over a gap in the path.

Are you asking if anyone is planning on developing it because you’re interested in seeing someone else make it, or because you’re wanting to make it yourself?


watch out pixeltail is going to attack you for copying something that they copied to begin with


I swear I saw someone post about making a gamemode like that.

Would be cool regardless - yeah.

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I am asking if anyone is planning on developing it.
It would be interesting to see how it plays on source 2.

@NotGaylien and I might do something like that, I know it’s ironic coming from the guy who worked on a GMT remake, but since we want to make toy-like minigames we might do something similar but as a marble on a desk or whatever. And I’m a pretty big fan of the monkey ball series so that’s a plus. So far we’ve just been doing modelling and mapping work though as we don’t have access to S&Box, but who knows.