anyone MGS1 PS1 Models?

Ive been looking all over for the PS1 MGS1 models, if anyone had links to downloads of them, that sure would be swell.

And yeah, im talkin original, not Twin Snakes. Straight up low poly duders.

Like these:[/t]

Like, at least the Foxhound members, Snake, and Meryl.

Genome Soldiers, weapons, and items would be nice, too.


I’d prefer to have them raw, MMM.

Ugh…those models are so low poly.

I fucking love it, and support this. :v:

i actually rememeber doing snake alongg time ago, il see if i can find him.

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if i remember correctly mgs1 stuff looks pretty outside its original engine

There’s unrigged, I-pose models of Snake and Ocelot here. You’ll probably want to do a nearest-neighbour resize on the textures to preserve the pixelization.

i’m searching the 3d models of the socom and the camera/scope

Does anyone have the model/texture of snake wearing the tuxedo?

I might be able to help. I managed to go deep into the files and found the Kmd files (The models.)

But the only software I found that can open them is one of those decompiled softwares on GitHub. Now, I have no experience at compiling a software from GitHub so that it can work, but if someone can compile it to an Exe, I might be able to rip some of the models. No promises though.

Here’s the link to the software:

You know, just a small thought for everyone. MGS1 was also on the PC, and has generally the same graphics quality as the PS1 version. Worst case scenario, you can try ripping from that instead.

If you look inside the files, you basically get the same thing. A zip file (only it’s mgz instead of zip, “Metal Gear Zip?”) then to a dir/dar file, then when you extract that, you get to the good stuff. And by good stuff, I mean compressed files in what I am guessing is one of Konami’s in-house formats. That’s as far as I got.

Well, I don’t know what programs would be effective for doing this, but you could try a direct rip with something like NinjaRipper or a similar program if extracting them directly from the game files doesn’t work.

I might try that in a couple days with Integral (cleaned out my computer not too long ago, and I gotta find my discs to re-install it.) If that fails, then our only hope is that software I mentioned just a few minutes ago. But like I said, I don’t know anything about putting software from GitHub back together. I’m guessing it’s the same software that let the Snake and Ocelot models get released.