Anyone need a WWII greenscreen map?

I made this little map for DOD:S for my own benefit because i wanted to make videos with it.

It was done in 20 minutes so it is not for anything else but making videos.

No killing here folks.

Here it is:

It is an I shape.

Did this really need a thread?

Short answer: no

Long answer: nope

Oh you guys. :v:

God dammit, that’s what this is.

We have too many of these as is. And why use one in DoD:s or CS:s anyways?

Remarkable map. How much time did it take you to create something like this? Seriously man, good job putting all that effort into making something as beautiful and useful as this. I love it.

I agree with Rich.

Oh stop it, your making me blush.

Do I have to make a WWII video if I use it. Or is it just a greenscreen map with WWII shoved in the title?

I think its just a dods greenscreen map.
But wait i forgot.
You dont have to port maps to get them into dods so you could use one of the better green screen maps

Thanks for the effort? Also did you get banned?