anyone need an idea for a new gamemode

i have a great idea for a gamemode in gmod it is a gamemode about building to survive disasters like tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, meteors, earthquakes and other stuff if you like the idea and you would like to make it send me a message :slight_smile:

(User was banned for this post ("wrong section/crap thread" - postal))

can I be the ideas guy

im not making this addon because i know nothing about LUA and making a gmod gamemode but if someone decides to make this gamemode maybe they will let you be the ideas guy

Can I be the guy that nods his head when an idea is good or shakes his head when it’s bad?


Oh god, this thread. How old is this kid?

little reminder people wont give you the gamemode for free

I think the thread is going great so far

Gives the nod

wow do you think they’ll let me?