Anyone need any GMod server loading screens? look here.


My name is Krypt (forum username Claptrap) and me and some others can make flash loading screens for Garrysmod.

We charge $5-$8 depending on the content you want in the loading screen.

  • Cheap prices
  • You choose music, pictures etc.
  • You can change your ideas at any time. (eg. music)
  • Free set-up

We **DO NOT **offer any refunds on any of our loading screens.

Here is an example one we have made for display, this is for the Half-Life Two Role-Playing Garrysmod gamemode.
(don’t mind the music, its what an old customer wanted.)

HL2RP Example

Thats just a plane .swf screen, we add the .swf to a HTML document to make it look better.

Here is a customer review:

Thundercat™: Title: Good Service
Thundercat™: Review: This service I must say is very good. They give you exactly what you wanted and they do it in time. They help you out with your problems and leaves you with options. They are very kind and friendly.

How to contact:

You can contact me (Krypt) here:

or my partner Astro Cow, here:

Thanks for reading!

How do we know you didn’t fake the customer review?

P.S. no.

Could you really get some proof of these reviews?

That could definetly boost your sales.


i would love to get one but i have no money.

Flash based, oh God. Do you realize how shitty Flash runs on GMod loading screens? People try putting videos, etc. But the loading is so jittery that the thing will look glitchy and shitty.

I would prefer CSS and HTML

My first experience with music and a Garrys Mod loading screen was incredibly petrifying. Dubstep is horrible.

How extensive are these?

Do you provide the feedback such as how many files are left to download, what file is downloading etc.
Also, wouldn’t an animated image be much better than a swf. That’s what we tend to use.

Ban music

This isn’t working’ -Gabe Newell

I feel dumb because I was unaware of the fact that you could import full sized planes into a .swf

Well, you see, that’s the thing. It requires no real skill to design a “website” in Flash. There is no standard restriction or actual calculation needed, so basically you can throw random shit down and not have to worry about anything like that.