Anyone noticed a drop in players on kill and build servers?

I run 2 kill and build servers, and have noticed a MASSIVE drop in players recently (past 3 weeks).

I havent had any minges/downtime or anything like that.

Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

School. Or people got bored.

I’m guessing midterm exams are the culprit.

Yea, that’s what I thought - I wasn’t too sure if anything like exams were going on in the US cause I’m from the UK so go figure lol.

Well, People do tend to get bored of certain servers after a while and move on to new ones.

Well in the UK we’ve all gone back to school in the last 3-4 weeks Brad, so that might be why.

Weekends are usually popular. Helps if you have good addons for build.

Garrysmod IMO is getting boring nao and many agree. There isnt really much new content and to be honest, content is the reason for gameplay mainly in Garrysmod. I remember when Garrysmod 10 came out, it had this WOWOW feeling with tons of new addons coming out and everyone was like :|:|O|:!:! OMGS!

But now adays its the same ole same ole, theres nothing new and addons constantly break (like now the constraint breaker in connas stools doesnt work after the last update). IMO if there was an editor with Intialisense or whatever, like with Visual Studio, which made glua programming a lot easier with tons of good examples (since the Gmod wiki really does lack some good code in places), it would encourage people to make moar content. But then again, with moar content is moar instability due to the lua file limit or whatever…

Would it ever be possible for Garrysmod to handle moar than…1024 files is it? Like would it ever be possible foar it to handle e.g. 4096 or whatever? Plus couldn’t more failsafes be added to stop bad code crashing servers and any errors in scritps causes a script to be completely killed/stopped? Couldnt Garry rewrite Gmod from scratch to be even moar effieicnet (since he even said on his blog that it has a lot of old code)?

Its the little things like the lack of content and instability, imo, that put people off Garrysmod and make it boring/annoying. Then those people go off and play other games :frowning:

But yeah thats my opinion :smiley: