Anyone play uncraftable c4 servers?

How would you say it compares to a server that has it craftable in terms of raiding? I’m pretty new so am basically wondering how much of an impact does having c4 uncraftable effect raiding.

uncraftable c4 servers is 100% minecraft.
You cant raid any1. all you do is build a house and do nothing.

Very very bad and boring servers.

I have it installed on my server, but it’s still available through drops and loot. Works out pretty well so far because it still allows some raids, but not people running around with 30 c4 because they haven’t stopped playing in 48 hours.

IP is if you want to check it out. Some other oxide mods are installed as well.

A server I played on for a while did not allow crafting of C4 or metal doors. This prevented people from instantly having stockpiles of C4 to raid whomever they wanted to raid, while also still allowing some raiding to take place.

My server has uncraftable explosives. You can still get C4 from airdrops. zombies, or crates, and you can still use the explosives you find in airdrops to make C4, but you cannot make explosives. It works very well in preventing a small number of players from having a huge amount of C4 and dominating the entire server. In my opinion this works very well for a small population server such as mine.

I don’t play uncraftable c4 servers. I also don’t play care bears adventures in hugland.

I played an uncraftable C4 server. And this is what I experienced:

The early-mid game is a lot of fun. You can work on your base and log off knowing all (or at least most) of your work will still be there. Rust all of a sudden doesn’t feel like a second job on these servers because of this.

The late game is where you miss the C4. In Rust’s current state the only thing left to do once you can craft everything is raid and without C4 you obviously can’t do that. We did manage to raid a few places without using any C4 at all, but those were few and far between.

In short, if you have no life and can afford to play 10+ hours a day, stick to C4 craftable servers because you can stay online all day to protect your base/gather the necessary resources to fortify it. If you have a life and can only play a few hours a day or have to go a few days at a time without playing at all (but still want the PvP experience) stick to non-craftable C4 servers.

I played in an uncraftable c4 server and in my experience it had a positive effect on raiding. People could craft grenades and use tons of them to eventually break into buildings. It was more fun for me cuz I have a job and a life so it made it easier to start a little base and get a hold of some weapons before the battles and grudges started. It really mixes up the gameplay, cuz then you have to find more creative ways to raid instead of farming and crafting tons of c4. Plus, if you think it would make it “care bear land”, it’s not - the focus becomes more on battles and ambush as opposed to people raiding people who are logged off. Totally think it’s a good gameplay change, makes it more balanced for casual players who can’t or don’t want to have to invest so much time into a game in order to have a good experience.

I run a server with uncraftable C4 and most of my users (if not all) prefer it.

Except you can find C4 in crates and airdrops. Plus you can also use grenades still to raid. So this comment is 100% invalid.

No craftable c4 is the only way to play in my opinion. It’s still nothing like minecraft. But I’ll take minecraft any day over the open world Call of Duty grief-fest that this game seems to be on highly populated servers with craftable c4. This game does enough to encourage people to be assholes.

^ My thoughts exactly.

You guys do realize you can blow up doors and walls with grenades, right? :suicide: