Anyone playing my map doesn't see the textures, while in Garrysmod. Ep2 on the map works.

Well, for some reason my map is missing the ground textures while in Garrysmod. I’d be thinking it would have something with my Ep2 Content not being mounted, but the strange thing is everyone who plays this map gets this problem.

While in Garrysmod, the map is missing the ground textures.
While in Episode 2, the map works perfectly fine.

Anyone who plays the map gets the same problem. I deleted the version in my garrysmod folder, and replaced it with the map in the Ep2 folder, and got the same problem.

It worked fine a few days ago, it seems to have broke after an update.

Anyone else getting the problem, and know a fix? I left town for a few days and came back to it like this. :c

are you using a custom texture?

try change the texture to something else

Use Pakrat and bind the texture to the bsp

I’m using a Vmt to Blend two Ep2 Textures.

Its been already placed in Pakrat, the Vmt. The Vmfs for the original textures should already exsist if the player has Ep2, which the players do yet it doesn’t show up.

Some ep2 textures are actually ep1.

I do have Episode 1 installed as well. I’ve got all the Source games.

This map deffinately was working perfect with the textures last Monday. Then the textures turned to Black and Purple textures, meaning it was missing them.

I’m just wanting to know why it would break, for anyone who plays the map.

Make sure they have ep1 aswell.

I’ve made sure they’ve had it.

I can give you the map to test for yourself if you’d like.

Filefront Link

Really Strange, the same texture works on other maps just fine.

I even included the base textures that the VMF is blending, into the map bsp. Still didn’t work.

Any help at all, greatly appreciated.

Again, this map worked -perfect- Monday. Now the ground texture is black and purple while in garrysmod. in Episode 2, it works fine.

I believe that all VTF files you pull together into a VMT must come from the same source. Either from the game directory, a GCF file, or from embedded data in the BSP.

Well, sadly I’m not sure that is correct, as last Monday it worked fine. And as well, I took the two VTF files that it was using and I threw them into the BSP with pakrat, same result. Thanks for the reply though, very appreciated.

Strange thing is, whatever is doing this to the map seems to be affecting all my older versions of this map. They all worked last week. :c

I’m going to try and recompile the map with a new ground texture. I just don’t get why it won’t work in Garrysmod, even with the textures included in the BSP. :c