Anyone remember god's little finger?

Hey guys, I’m Nautical and I used to be a member on these forums.
I made this weapon when I was like 13, it was the first thing I had ever scripted. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find the old thing, I remember it had like 400,000 downloads on a long time ago, but the real one doesn’t seem to be up any more. I’m only asking because I was curious as to how many people a) remember using it or enjoying it, and b) if there was an official download count somewhere I could find.

I also posted a project thread a long time ago about the Infinite Improbability drive from Hitch hiker’s guide to the galaxy, and I can’t seem to find that either. It was under the name iNautical at the time (all of my posts were, because ‘Nautical’ was taken, but apparently I have been appointed the correct username in my absence).

also if anyone’s up to chat, what do you think of garry’s mod now? is it worth delving back in? I probably haven’t played since 9

Thanks all!
Nautical, formerly of team nautical & the nautical sciences g-mod enrichment center

P.s. I’m going to DigiPen for my BS in CS & Game Design now :freakout:

The gods little finger is on the workshop mate.

Okay, so I see some re-uploads but I am looking for the original and perhaps the download count? Is it forever lost in the cosmos of space and time?
I didn’t even know there was this workshop thing going on now. That’s pretty cool.

I feel like a relic :confused:
But man I miss inventing things

If you have the old link and go to it it should get imported to