Anyone Rig Some Models For Me?

I have a load of models, in both .mdlx and .mdls
i need someone to rig a few of them up for me so they can be used as player models. and ragdolls.

Can I have more info abaut models (how many polies) and some screens?

Ok… well. they are from Kingdom Hearts. im no not sure how many polys. any idea how to find out?

there are many i need rigging like this. it know these models can be converted to obj somehow.
so if you suceed in converting them correctly, then you may want to let me know how you did it so i can take over, because there is about 80 models i need. They are all ripped off my Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 Disc from the PS2. I need them both as player models, and face posable ragdolls.


Sorry but its too much for me.