Anyone running a user run town or hotel?

I’m looking to join a town because i feel like it would be a fun experience and nice to have protection around you have friendly neighbors. I wouldn’t mind joining someones hotel either.

Hey, one of our community members started making a town for new players to come and stay!..check out our server and contact Haydee

I’m also serching for a server where you can join groups so you cant kill each other while stil pvp other groups…

on PvE there are tons.
Otherwise they wont last long on PvP

Yes. A couple players on my server are running a large hotel with many rooms. We also use the econ currency so you can buy rooms and supplies. They also accept resources as a form of payment. It’s alot of fun! Legit Rust Official (w/Oxide) is the name of the server.

So when I bring 20 stones do i get free breakfast?

I played on a server that had PvP, but evolved into having settlements where murder and theft was (usually) illegal, but there was a falling out with the admins, some shit happened, and a lot of people got banned for stupid reasons.
The server I play on now is PvE-lite. PvP is ok, but it usually can’t be random or sporadic. The admins are really weird about it.
I’m a police officer in the capital, Los Bajos, which is a walled up fortress in the middle of Next Valley. There’s also a town called Mexico south of us, and south of them is Olympus.

On a server I play on we have multiple towns with about 10-20 people in each one, we always go on raids against other towns, I’ll edit the IP here when I get home. :slight_smile:

We tried to build a hotel for new players but did not become any popular… They only played for 1-2 day and did not come back after that.

It’s pretty awesome that stuff like this exists. I want to play on a pvp server where the map basically gets divided into factions and people have time to build up their towns and then they could trade, interact, fight for drops/resources and even go to war. That would be sweet.
Aeyon is running at hotel on an economy server. It is a fresh server. (Just started 5 days ago) I believe he is charging $300 a night. (you get $100 for killing one zombie) Check the server out guys. The admin is very helpful and doesn’t abuse his powers