Anyone tried MindTex?

Hey everyone. I recently came across a normal map generation program called MindTex which has had its price recently reduced from $60 to $15 (I initially saw it on 3dtotal a couple weeks ago). It reminds me of CrazyBump, but is a lot cheaper. I tried CrazyBump while it was in beta and liked it a lot, but couldn’t justify the price tag once it came out. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone here has tried this out?

Not bad I’m testing it out in my Game Modeling class right now. I’ll pass it on to my instructors and see what thy think. The UI takes a little getting used to after using CrazyBump.
The chamfer cube in place of a regular cube is a little silly though. The Selfillum option doesn’t make much sense without a visible import option. I’d rather not use my entire diffuse to generate a glowmap. Other than that, it’s a pretty neat program, I can see myself buying this at such a great price.

10/10 Would use again.

That’s pretty cool, I’m going to have to check this out.