Anyone used this host?

So I was looking for game server hosts and I know of the obvious nitrous etc but this one provided other services like setting up your addons/gamemodes for you and helping you with your server, I was wondering if anyone else has ever used them? They’re called Frostbox Hosting, here’s the website

I plan on having a 30 slot Garry’s Mod DarkRP server and even though many places have suggested nitrous/xenon etc, I’ve found that this host is cheaper and the support that it advertises sounds like it’d be worth it in the long run for any help I may need such as fixing an error when creating new jobs on the server or when an addon isn’t working.

So has anyone used them?

Their prices look okay but it might be better to go with a more known company just because you are more likely to get better service. Personally I recommend Elpis Host, Gameswitchers, or NFO Servers for shared hosting which is what it seems like you were looking for. Xenon is overall shit and I don’t know much about Nitrous.

You shouldn’t rely on how legit a site looks because they are using a template I’ve seen plenty of times while other sites like NFO for example are using a really shitty/ugly one but are of very good quality. Cheaper isn’t gonna work out well in the long run if you ever get a lot of players. DarkRP (and gmod) can’t run very well on a 30 slot shared server if you don’t know much about lua or how to manage it, you will probably end up moving up to a VPS or dedicated server at some point for more power and how much cheaper they are.

If you feel like getting your hands dirty I highly recommend getting a VPS, they are much cheaper and run better. If you do then NFO offers some nice VPSes and so does Digital Ocean.

VPSes are way better than GSPs IMO. I used and their $7 tier and hosted a 48 slot DarkRP server with very little lag.

Thanks for this, been looking for a cheap Windows VPS. Just bought the $7 tier.

Thanks for the replies, yeah I’ll probably move on to VPS later down the line but for now I’ll settle for a game server, based off of a friend’s recommendation I did go with Frostbox and so far everything’s going fine - they set up darkrp for me too which was nice (I was being too lazy to install the files heh) :3

Yeah thanks for the link, I’ll keep that saved for when I want to upgrade

Though I used NFO VPS and they have an 8tb Bandwith. What should I do?

NFO vpses are way over priced, how much are you paying for it? And 8tb is overkill for a gmod server. you don’t even need a tenth of that.

I guess I might as well ask this here since it seems a lot of you people use VPS servers. I visited HostHatch and took a look at the OpenVZ VPS servers that they offered, I got interested in the #2 package which got 512MB RAM and 2TB bandwidth but I’m not sure which Linux distribution to choose.

I’m not sure if the distribution even matters. I got a tiny bit of knowledge with Ubuntu, but I don’t know which Ubuntu version to choose. You can choose between “Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32/64-bit” and “Ubuntu 13.10 32/64-bit”. I’m planning on using the server for testing purposes, hosting a small Source test-server.

-Snip, misread post-

Use ubuntu 12.04 because of the stability. Also newer versions have security leaks (at least 14 does)

I recommend Debian 7 32-bit if possible, if not then Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit or 12.04 32-bit.

Any specific reason why I should go for 32-bit instead of 64-bit?

SRCDS is 32-bit process so 64-bit OS won’t give you any benefit.

Terrible idea, by the way, had like 2GB space left. Now running CentOS instead with a cool 25GB left over.

It’s funny how much people pay for crap severs, I got a free one that can support over half a million moving blocks with no lag.

I said Debian because it is pretty much Ubuntu without the unneeded junk, simplified, faster, and apparently more secure since someone said that it had a security hole recently. I also said 32-bit because SRCDS is a 32-bit process so it won’t ever be able to use more than 4gb of ram and you shouldn’t need more than 1gb, 1.5 and the total max if you are doing some crazy shit. Also, this is kinda my stupid thought process but why use 64-bit if you don’t have to, 32-bit (here is my stupid thought process) is assumingly more simple so it has less shit to be dealing with unlike a fancier 64-bit architecture. For all I know what I just said was stupid but every other reason I gave seems fine.

Why the disagree ExploderGuy? :frowning:

I just perfer ubuntu 12 over debian 7.

Well, after using HostHatch for almost a day I can say it’s very nice so far. The live chat support responds very fast and they helped me with upgrading my server to a better package (from 512MB RAM to 1GB RAM, as well as more SSD space). Thanks for the help folks.

$20 a month. Also HostHAtch only hosts in USA, Los Angeles

Doesn’t HostHatch have Sweden and Netherlands locations. Unless you mean US only locations.