Anyone used

Basically I’ve been looking for a server host today and I stumbled across who host GMOD servers incredibly cheap (42p a slot). However although feedback on their site is good, I’m wondering if anyone here has ever used them and if they are a good host for the price?

Shouldn’t a UK site use Meh. I think it looks better.

“Incredible Servers
Our servers are all 8-core or 32-core very high end machines with at least 1333 MHz FSB speeds! This puts our machines at the top end of server performance.”

32-Core?. Where!?. Link me please I must must see this machine!.

"These terms were updated on 18th Feb 2009, and apply to all new orders from this date.
Existing clients will be bound to these new terms from 18th March 2009, any concerns must be raised before this date.

Changes: Addition of 3 day unhappy refund, Downgrade Max BOT usage to 4, Clause added regarding heavy CPU usage Modifications."

Why put the last part in your TOS at all?.

Clause regarding heavy cpu-usage?. Uh-oh. I’ve never seen any “32-Core” that can handle game servers that well… Doesn’t look that good for garry’s mod servers either.


Client must act with their best intentions at all times, bullying, racism, swearing (especially before 9pm), libelous, defamatory, obscene and many other types of behaviour will not be tollerated and may result in the termination of your account with UKGAME.”

“(especially before 9pm)”… what?.

"Mods, Plugins, and other changes to the default server configuration.
You are free to edit your game server within reason, you may not attempt to crack servers or change the operating executables without contacting us to see if this is permitted or not. We also reserve the right to request a customer removes certain mods if they use too many server resources. "

…Crack servers?. What?. What the hell does that mean.

UKGAME reserve the right to cancel any service at any time without any notice, we do however hope to offer at least 3 working days notice of any cancelation to your services where possible.
Customers will be refunded on a pro-rata basis for the remaining time that they will not have used on their services, a £4.00 + vat administration fee is only charged on refunds should the services be cancelled due to breach of terms, should UKGAME cancel your services for other reasons then this fee will not be applicable.”

Does this include data deletion without first giving me a backup?. If so, they will never have me as a customer.

"3 Day Unhappy refund. are happy to offer a full refund to clients upto 3 days after their server has gone live if they are unhappy with it or unable to operate it as they expected. No refund is required for services, so you will be expected to state your reasons for requiring your refund even if they are as simple as “I can not work out how to use it”, or “It’s not upto my expectations”.

Clients may cancel their services at ANY time, however any prepaid money is non refundable and the service will remain operational until the renewal date. You are required to give 5 working days notice before renewal date to cancel your service. You must open a support ticket to do this via the support link on the website."


So, they can cancel me at any time for whatever reason, but I have to give five days notice?. Kinda messed up.

“Server Branding
UKGAME is currently offering FREE debranding of servers, but we do request that you keep in the title of your server somewhere if you wish, and we may from time to time offer prizes to those who do.”

…I pay, and they “request” I keep ukgame in my title?. Haha. No.

"UKGAME will not be responsible for any damages your business may suffer. Or that you personally may suffer. We make no assurances that our services may not cost you in other ways and should be used with extreme caution, We do not suggest playing for long periods of time (over 45 minutes at a time) on your game servers.
Loss of Data, slow delivery of service, wrong delivery, or any service interuption will not result in compensation. "

"slow delivery of service, wrong delivery, or any service interuption will not result in compensation. "


UKGAME will always do its best to ensure our services are the best they can be and hopefully the best that you can buy. UKGAME will not be responsible for any damages due to downtime, data loss, or failure of service except due to the following;
a) Gross negligence, This is defined as loss of your data due to lack of care, loss of your personal information to another organisation, or downtime in excess of 24 hours in any month, this will be rewarded by a 100% refund of your monthly server cost either as a service credit to your account or in the form of a cheque that can be posted to you for a £1.00 + vat administration fee.
b) Your service quality is effected by another client abusing our fair usage policy terms. If this is not resolved within 3 working days you will be entitled to a 100% refund of your monthly server cost either as a service credit to your account or in the form of a cheque that can be posted to you for a £1.00 + vat administration fee.”


This is the kicker. On their test server list, they have this server:

RackleJaxx-Serious RLRP|FastDL|PCMod|Custom Jobs|Drugsmod rp_downtown_v2 36 / 40

36 people. That sure doesnt look like a test server, I dont see in the name. Weird. And im pretty sure thats not a IP… so in what way is that a test server?. Why, I would almost swear they just put that server there randomly.

“We monitor all our servers at all times, we never have any cpu core peaking over 30% cpu leaving plenty of processing power for map changes, and round starts, and the most important part, keeping your bullets going on target!”


My point, is this: No. Just. No.

Well said.

@ OP Unless you can’t afford it, I would take a look at BioServers or XenonServers :slight_smile:

Lol’d at this about the “About us” page.

I have a gmod and cs:s server with them. Support is good. Root FTP access unlike other companies [so you can see the orangebox/tf2 folder etc]
and their game panel is very similar to TCAdmin. Price wise, a 14 slot server is something like £7.40 and a 20 slot is £10.87 or something. I consider it to be a good deal.


They are a good host. We (Winservars) used to use them, until we bought our own dedi box and moved to i3d.

Good value for money, although

Infact, it is hosted on ukgame. And also, it isn’t a dedi. Shared box, I believe.

You probably noticed that their clients have only good things to say, while people who haven’t used them are sceptical. They clearly need to re-do their website and ToS, but as a host, there is nothing bad I can honestly say. I haven’t used the control panel myself (I am only superadmin, not owner) , but Fizzadar has only ever had good things to say about them.

The fuck?

i know the owner of rakklejax and his servers use ukgame

Yeha i use UKgame, heyre OK, but if this is for DARKRP dont use them, the servers arent as powerful as others, they have AMAZING Technical support though, really AMAZING.

Im cancelling with them soon but only coz someone else got us a 128 SLOT dedi.
which kinda makes my 16 SLOT look bad :frowning:

Im using it now, it has amazing hardware and stuff but you arent really very free to do what you want, for example you cant write your own command line, it gives you boxes to fill in like “sv_gamemode” (here) map (here)

I’m thinking of trying them out soon. Is there much restriction? Planning to make a sandbox. Map limit, addon restrictions or any other major downsides?

I run an sbox server from them. Haven’t found any map/addon limits.
@ lukepker, That’s the norm with most game server hosting companies.

Alright thanks! I shall be ordering soon! :wink:

UK Game is purely awesome, the support is the fastest I’v never seen.

Indeed, they replied to a question I sent by email in less than 5 minutes. And it was long.

I Know the operations manager at ukgame , he has just developed auto & manual SVN Updating