Anyone wanna help with a background I made? Thats what I need help with I need it to be the right size for a wide screen and another for a regular screen so I can have it as my background and I can upload it to 50% credit goes to whoever helps me first just tell me your user name so I can give you credit

C ya


Dont be so rude if you don’t want to just don’t

Hey, at least it’s GMod related. It’s not the BEST, true, but at least it’s not ripped from Fallout 3 or something.

I don’t like it personally, but at least it looks like he put half an ass of effort into it.

  1. No one is going to convert a 640x480 to widescreen (1280x800 1600x1400 etc.)
  2. Render your screenshots on HIGHEST POSSIBLE, The textures look rubbish.